Automatically invest your
spare change

Thought you can’t invest with INR 1? Well, now you can.


Grow your money
hassle free

We make growing money super easy by investing your spare change whenever you make a payment. At Pave, we believe investing should be accessible to everyone which is why you don’t need thousands of rupees to get started.

Our Philosophy


No decisions, no complicated jargon, no more spending hours trying to find where to invest.


We are committed to keeping your personal information, personal. Your data is protected by bank-level security and 256-bit encryption.


Only what is appropriate for you. Risk and reward simplified based on your context.

It's easy to get started

It's easy to get started


Investing made easy

Your investments on autopilot. Without having to make any decisions every time you want to invest, you can make your money work for you even while in college.

Payments 2.0

Round up payments made on your pave account (physical card, virtual card, UPI). Want to save more? Use multipliers (2x, 3x) to boost your savings

Finance made social

Friends who save together, stay together. We understand that good habits are a lot easier when we have our friends to support us. So we encourage you to make groups of 3 to 5 friends and save together.

Start growing with Pave today.
Grow your money as you spend, Invest hassle free, and stay on top of all your expenditures

Have any doubts?

Can Pave help me grow money, not just save it?
Yes! We are currently offering automated investments and soon will be offering more options as well.
Can I change how much I want to save?
Yes! To make it easier for you, we allow you to define your own savings and investment rules.
Is my money safe with Pave?
Absolutely. All funds are securely stored with our partner bank which is further regulated by RBI.
Why is Pave only for college students?
We built this product keeping in mind the college experience, hence our features are best suited for college students.
Will I be getting any cashback or rewards?
On your card payments, we offer you SaveMore. That is, the rewards you get are pooled with your investments to help you grow your money faster!
Is there a lock-in to withdraw the savings?
No time limits or fees to withdraw. Move your money as you need it!
Can I make payments in physical stores?
Yes, you can either make payments through UPI ‘Scan & Pay’ or you can opt in for a physical PaveCard and use it as a debit card.

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