Money, for Millennials.

Your financial health is more than your bank balance and your credit score.

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Pave is a personal finance app that helps college students lay down a better relationship with money by simplifying expenses and investments. Pave is

  • Easy to use
  • Absolutely transparent
  • Secure

You don’t need to have monthly income to get started — simply begin your journey by tracking and understanding your expenses. Get one step closer to understanding money better. Pave your way to financial freedom.

Your financial health indicator

Financial literacy that is relevant to you!


We categorise your expenses measure them against the goals you've set for yourself and help you make more with the money you already have.


We simplify financial instruments and help you pick the most relevant and rewarding investment option.


We compare your current income with your previous income to show how you have grown over the years and how your income has kept pace with inflation. Your only competition is you.


We connect you with the relevant financial institutions to enable credit at the best possible terms.


Meet our founding team.

Rohan Rai Gupta


Bhaumik Jasani


Kashyap Vadrevu



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How does it work?

You input your monthly income and expenditure on Pave. The algorithm processes them to show you how to improve your financial health.

How do I add these inputs?

You enter them manually right now. Automated processes are forthcoming to make the experience more seamless for you.

How does it help me?

We recommend simple ways to make your money work for you. Think of the indicators as your personal financial advisors. No more complicated pie-charts or generic options.

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