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We’re all in this together. No amount is too little, no question is too silly, and no person is excluded. Whether you have ₹ 1 or ₹ 1000 to start your journey, we’re here with you.

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Gone are the days we need fancy degrees to even dream of being rich. You can get started towards your financial ambitions today with small amounts.

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Just like that two-week sugar cleanse curbs your cravings, it takes two weeks to build good habits too. Keep at it with us and crush your goals.

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We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Our bite-sized modules cover all things finance, to feed your curiosities, answer your “silly” questions and get you involved in those cryptic crypto conversations.

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We know you have a million things on your mind, so we’ve made it easy for you.

Designed for your needs, wants, goals and dreams – our micro-investing platform does the nudging, thinking and doing. All you need to do is get started.


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You can be sure your money is in safe hands with our licensed partners from Augumont and ICICI Prudential. We are regulated by SEBI and licensed by AMFI (ARN-179611, EUIN-361783). We do not and never will store your banking credentials. Not only that, SSL and 256-bit encryption are used to fully protect your privacy. Also, we don’t read your SMS-es.


With our automated savings feature, investing in gold is as easy as online shopping. So is getting access to your investment profits!


Whoever said you can't have fun while being financially responsible could've used some Pave magic.

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